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Friday, January 17, 2014

Girls week

The girls have been at the house for the last week, and the week started out pretty bumpy. The girls are very different from the boys, they are super quiet and shy, very timid. The first two days they kept to themselves most of the time and would get really quiet when I would go sit down with them. It was hard to get them to talk to me, pretty much impossible to get a smile or laugh from them. On Tuesday and Wednesday we mostly worked on sewing their bags, the machines put up a fight so they did the sewing by hand. On Wednesday night I took my computer out to the court yard and taught the girls some of the dances I had taught the boys. The girls loved the dances and were a lot better at them than the boys ;) A few of them told me dancing was one of their favorite things to do. Thursday there was a break through while we were baking cookies, Fiona scared me as I was coming into the kitchen and after that the girls loosened up a bit. I spent Friday morning sitting with them in the court yard talking to them, laughs are still hard to come by and I still get shy smiles in answer to questions I ask, but they are a little more open today then they have been all week. It’s a shame because tomorrow Cliff and I will take them back to the ghetto. In addition to making the tote bags and baking, there have been a lot of games played. I taught the girls how to play rock, paper scissors and down by the banks, they taught me four or five different variations of dodge ball, we played volley ball and football. For the times the girls did come out of their shells, we had a fabulous time. I’m sorry to have to say goodbye so soon. 



Merriam and I 

Merriam and Fiona

Linda and I 


Down by the banks

Cliff stopped by for a while



Fiona and Esther

Peace and Calvin

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