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Around the world; a Nation Hopper's journy to teach on all 7 continents.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Good news, I dont have to have ANY shots before I leave!!! I've already had all the required shots (HepAB, and MMR) and the oral version for Typhoid a few weeks ago. I went from the possiblity of 7-8 shots for $600 and got away with no shots for $130 :) Such a relief!!

I've started packing, meaning all the things I want to take (stuff for the girls mostly) are piling up on my trunk to the point I cant see out of my window. Sue gave me a suitcase that is nearly full, I have not weighed it yet. I hope its under  50 pounds!

I'm going to get my visa photos this week and start on that process as well as start packing up the apartment and moving it into a storage unit. So much to do with so little time!

Waiting to hear back from Walai (the director in Thailand) about the weather and what kind of clothes to bring. I will be there in the rainny season and want to take my rain boots... Correction, I WILL be taking my rain boots come hell or high water. Growing up in a desert I never had a pair of rain boots until I moved to Austin and my Grandmother gave me a pair. I LOVE them and wear them every time it rains. I had a pair while I was in Finland and wore them often but for some reason they never made it back with me. And if I'm going to be in Thailand durning the rainny season, and by rainny season I mean monsoons, I might as well bring rain boots :)