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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Friday, Funday

Today was a super awesome day! Here’s why;

1.) The girls and I went to the craft market again since it was Friday. I got 95% of my shopping finished today which makes me really happy because I looove buying cool stuff for my friends and family (y’all are going to love what I’m bringing back ;). I bought everything from Tomi and Cliff’s friend Gilbert, they’ve known him for a long time. He’s got some really incredible stuff for sale and he has the cheapest prices of anyone at the market. And he was SUPER nice. 

2.) I went to this awesome place known as the office of the king of the Buganda tribe. Unfortunately he wasn’t in, other wise Cliff assured me I would have been able to meet him (how cool would that have been?!) because I’m a muzungu and did something really special as explained below. 
In front of the office

The first king of Buganda 

But since he wasn’t in, so I got this instead! 

It’s a certificate saying I am an official supporter of the Bugandan tribe, the king, the people, and the land. Basically, they think I’m the coolest person ever because I like Kampala so much and donated 10,000 shillings (5 bucks) to the tribe/king/government and wanted to give me a certificate. 

3.) I got to meet Ronnie, a 300 year old tortoise that is very special to the Bugandan tribe. Ronnie’s mate died two years ago and was supposedly 700 years old. Now, I don’t really know why Ronnie and her mate are so special, the two guys taking care of her didn’t know and Cliff couldn’t remember. But the first king of Buganda (the statue of the guy in the picture above with me) brought them all the way from the Mediterranean sea, Cliff said something about the tortoises saving the king but again, couldn’t really remember the whole story. Anyway, Ronnie is super special and they keep her very well hidden, when we first drove up, one of her caretakers told Cliff both tortoises had died. Then he saw me and changed his story, proudly leading us around back to her pen. We bought a bunch of bananas to try and tempt her out of the water, but I think it was a bit too hot for her liking and she refused to eat the snack and get out of the water. Not a lot of people, Ugandan or muzungu, know about Ronnie and she’s isn’t put on display, which I think is a huge mistake, the king could be making a lot of money off of Ronnie if he’d put her in a proper habitat and charge people to come in and see her with literature on her story and why she’s special to the Buganda tribe, but that’s just me. 

4.) Cliff showed me this beautiful fabric he bought from Tanzania, he’s got about 12 meters of each fabric and is looking to sell it for 45,000 shillings, or ($20). If you are interested in buying a bolt of fabric, or know someone who might be interested, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!! I’ll have room in my suitcase to bring it back. The fabric is gorgeous and very traditional pattering for Uganda, Tanzania and another country that I’ve forgotten ;) If you have any questions, let me know! 

5.) I get to go to the ghetto tomorrow and see the kids!!!!! I’m beyond excited. Some of the youth, Cliff, Josephine and I will be doing a skit on the girl who cried wolf for the little ones. It’s going to be awesome. Cliff is also going to walk me around the ghetto, take me to some of the women’s homes and see where the kids live. It’s going to be a great day. 

6.) I’m finally starting to feel better, I was able to be out’n’about today without withering in pain, as I’ve been doing for the last few days. 

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