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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy days

Hi all,

I was at Sue's house yesterday and we purchased my plane ticket! It's official, I am going to Thailand! I will be leaving Albuquerque on August 15th at 6:30am and arrive in Bangkok on August 16th at 9pm.  I can't tell you how excited I am. Over the last month I have been making arrangements and to do lists for my up coming trip (I can tell you the lists keep growing and growing there is so much to do!), this trip is starting to become a reality. Its starting to sink in that I am actually going to Thailand for 6 months.

Sue and I also talked about a tentative schedule, and it looks like this:
I will be in Thailand August-the first of October.
Sue will fly to Thailand in October and we will travel to India together to see the school there (I might end up staying in Thailand, havent decided yet).
Sue (and possibly myself) will go back to Thailand after Christmas for a few days and then Sue and Jack (Sue's husband) will fly to Burma. I have been invited to travel with them, so that might end up happening but I wont make a descision until I get to Thailand.

We also talked about what kind of gifts to bring for the girls. Sue told me they are in desperate need of shoes for the girls. So instead of taking mostly books, I will be taking more shoes then books. Sue has given me several bags of shoes, I hope I have enough room in my suitcases!

I started the process for the shots that I will need yesterday, another check off a to do list. Some of those things are expensive! $300 for one that protects against a Japanese mosquito. I dont know if I've had Hep A or B so those will have to wait, but I did start my oral dose for typhoid fever last night. Not looking forward to the many shots I will have to get, the number is between 3 and 7 :p but I guess it must be done.

Next on the to do list is passport photos, visas.. Jack gave me a heads up that the visa forms are a pain to fill out and get processed, wish me luck!..and my computer (which is broken and needs to be fixed and/or replaced before I go.