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Sunday, January 5, 2014

2nd Saturday

WOW! What an fantastic day!! 

Cliff picked me up at 8 and we drove to the ghetto, a bunch of the youth boys met us and helped carry the basket of medical supplies down to the community center. The kids were a little late so Cliff, the boys and I hung out outside the building as the little ones trickled in. 

We had a lot more kids this Saturday than the last Saturday. Cliff started the kids off with some songs, I walked around with my camera filming the, mostly, smiling and singing faces. This week the kids had more questions for me and were a little less shy around me. 

After they quieted down Cliff explained that I was going to tell and act out a story. I gathered up two goats, some towns people and started telling the story of the girl who cried wolf. The youth boys did an excellent job of mehing like goats and trotting around on the floor. The kids howled with laughter as I ran the towns people up and down to help my goats that were being eaten by a wolf. On the third time I called for help, when the wolf really was eating my goats (with gusto I might add) and they wouldn’t come, I asked the kids why the towns people wouldn’t help me. I had the biggest smile on my face as they all shouted “because you lied the first two times!!” back at Cliff and I. 

Like last time, I went to the back of the room to get high fives, fist bumps and hugs as the youth boys and Cliff herded everyone into a line for their porridge. Cliff asked for my camera and took some pictures for me. 

And I got a kiss :) 

I squeezed outside and took pictures of the kids getting their porridge. Most of you don’t know, but this cup of millet porridge is the only meal most of the kids will get today. Lillian usually passes out the porridge, unfortunately her uncle passed away yesterday and she left today to go to the village to go to the funeral and wont be back until Monday. 

Josephine helps pass out porridge

When the kids had been fed it was time to snap on some gloves and play doctor. I had a lot more patients this time, 7-8 I think. Most of the injuries were burns and were pretty bad, I had to peel off dead skin, squeeze puss out, and pick out chunks of dirt off of legs, feet and arms. I gave the camera to one of the youth boys and they took some pictures for me.   

This little one got burned 

He got hit by a boda boda

I had to squeeze puss out of this one >p

After everyone had been seen to, Cliff and the boys took me on a walk through the ghetto. Unfortunately I forgot to charge my battery last night (I was so pissed at myself) and it died right after I the first picture of where we were walking. Cliff took me to the stone quarry where the women crush granite into chunks to sell to people from the city sometimes. As we were walking back we passed by a woman frying cassava, sweet potatoes and banana cakes. I bought each of the boys a snack and took a banana cake for myself. It. Was. Delicious! It tasted like banana bread, but a little more chewy. 

After the ghetto Cliff took me to lunch at the same place we went last time. Instead of getting the smoked beef and bean paste, I got chicken and potatoes steamed in a banana leaf and boy was it good! 

I’m anxiously waiting for Monday when I get to teach the women how to use the sewing machines and pick up the 7 boys who’ll be staying at the house for the week. 

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